The Eivissa Ancients Tribe

The Eivissa Ancients Tribe is a tribe of giant puppets representing the roots of Ibiza´s folklore and mythology. Led by Tanit, the Phoenician goddess of fertility, dance and the moon, the group also comprises the ancient fertility goddess Demeter and two podencos, the Ibizan hounds whose origins can be traced back along the Phoenician trade routes to Ancient Egypt.

The giant Ibicencan puppet Tribe are made of predominantly natural or recycled materials – cardboard, hessian, string, rope and woven palm leaves – and each measure between 1.5 – 2.5 metres in height. They are inspired by the Catalunyan Cabezudo giant puppetry tradition, as well as diverse European pagan folk theatre traditions.

The Eivissa Ancients Tribe communicate the ancient spirit of Eivissa through the timeless, universal language of puppetry. Their message reaches and touches everyone regardless of age, gender, nationality or cultural background. The Ancients tribe aims to bring inspiration and enchantment, as well as a deep respect for the island´s traditions, history, cultural heritage and delicate ecology.

The Eivissa Ancients Tribe have so far performed at Woomoon, Priviledge nightclub, and the Fiestas de Sant Joan, where they had the honour of dancing with a local ball pages folk dance group. To enquire about bringing the magic of the Tribe to your event contact us on:



Tanit Sepia


Eivissa Ancients Portrait