The Lady of Valcar

Visual storytelling performance set around the Riu de Santa Eularia – Ibiza´s (and the Balearic Islands´) only river, which dried up in about the 1960´s due to over-expoloitation of the island´s natural water reserves, through mass-tourism. The Lady of Valcar is a fairytale conceived and written by Theatre of the Ancients, performed through storytelling and large, hand-illustrated and painted panels, co-illustrated with the artist Michaela Meadow. Performed in English or Spanish, and featuring live singing, Indian ‘shruti box’ and xylophone.

The Lady of Valcar, performed with Michaela Meadow, 2016
Performance at Ibiza Spirit Festival, Oct 2016
The Lady of Valcar Storytelling Panels, 2016
The Lady of Valcar, private birthday party performance, 2016
Performance at Atzaro Fiesta de Primavera, 2016