Tanit’s Well Press


Tanit´s Well Press produces ‘zines’, illustrations and crafts celebrating folklore, ecology, mythology and mysticism on Eivissa.

Aimed as a sister-enterprise to Theatre of the Ancients, Tanit´s Well Press communicates Ibiza´s myths, folklore and little-known cultural roots through small-scale, hand-crafted physical objects rather than liminal performance. At the heart of the enterprise is the spirit and ethos of the zine movement – hand-made, self-published books enabling stories and ideas to be shared and distributed for low cost, at grassroots level.

“…In those days, people understood that there is a contract between people and the land: You care for it, and it cares for you. The source of the Kingdom’s life…was the sacred water of the wells. The wells were tended by maidens, and these maidens were the Voices of the Wells…”  Sharon Blackie, Mythologist.

Although these ideas originate in England Arthurian myth, nowhere are they more relevant than on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, where long summer months parch the earth dry, putting nature into a state of hibernation that islanders refer to as a second winter. Here, white-washed wells scattered about the countryside point towards an ancient Eivissan culture based around water; giver of life, symbol of fertility, embodied by the goddess worshipped by the first Phoenician settlers – Tanit.

The tourist industry which started developing on Ibiza in the 1950’s and has since escalated to dizzying heights, has unbalanced the island’s ecology on many  fundamental levels, but the starkest symbol of its damage to the island is the depletion of its subterranean aquifers, the stores of fresh water which have always fed the island’s wells.

Tanit’s Well Press aims to work low level, grassroots, amongst the roadside fennel, thyme and rosemary – transmitting the arcane island knowledge which is needed to restore Ibiza´s broken ecology, and to guide us back to the wells.

The Tanit´s Well Press pop-up stall appears at various festivals and events on Ibiza, and our hand-illustrated seasonal produce guide to Ibiza can be purchased in the Can Guimo cafe, Carretera San Joan, near Sant Llorenc, Ibiza. Please contact me via the Contact section of this website to arrange a visit to my studio to peruse my creations or discuss stocking them in your shop, cafe etc.

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