Introduction to the Tribe

The Eivissa Ancients Tribe is a set of six giant, ‘cabezudo’ style puppets rooted in the mythology, folklore and ancient history of the island of Ibiza. Exquisitely sculpted and hand-crafted out of recycled cardboard and other natural, biodegradable, locally-sourced and reclaimed materials, the giant puppets each measure approximately two metres in height and cast an unearthly, spell-binding effect with their presence, transmitting the mystery, magic and power of their homeland – the red, raw earth and wild, pine-filled landscapes of Eivissa. 

The Eivissa Ancients Tribe puppets have performed as a ‘walkabout theatre’ act at the Barruguets Family Theatre Festival, the Fiestas de San  Joan, World Unplugged‘s intimate music concerts and Vilafranca’s Feria de Melò in Mallorca. We have used them to create unique theatrical performances at events including the Ibiza Cine Fest, Midsommar (an immersive festival commissioned by Absolut Vodka) and the Moda Adlib catwalk show (with the fashion label World Family Ibiza). Please see Performances to learn more about these past projects.

To meet each member of the Eivissa Ancients Tribe and find out the incredible mythology and folklore behind them, please select from the individual ‘Giant Puppets’ sub-menu headings.

If you are interested in the Eivissa Ancients Tribe performing at your event as a ‘walkabout theatre’ act, or as part of a unique theatrical performance, please contact us.