Goddess Demeter

The Goddess Demeter, mythic sister of Tanit, is our second moon goddess of the ancient Mediterranean. It is said that there was once a cult to Demeter and her daughter Persephone on Ibiza – as protector of harvests, fertility and growth, she is a precious link to the fertile, natural landscapes of the island, and to the seasonal and cosmic cycles which govern them.

Our giant Goddess Demeter puppet is a stunningly intricate, large scale replica of a ceramic fertility goddess excavated at Puig des Molins, featuring original punic jewellery details and embellishments. With her giant, stone-like presence, Demeter transmits the power of the rocks, the red soil and the freshwater springs of Eivissa.

If you are interested in celebrating the qualities of the goddess Demeter  at your event via a giant puppet performance, please contact us. For examples of bespoke performances we have made featuring Demeter, see Performances. And to meet more members of the Eivissa Ancients Tribe, choose from the other ‘Giant Puppets’ sub-menu headings.