The Goats of Es Vedra

Image: Enrique Villalonga Juan 2018

Guardians of the untold mysteries of Ibiza’s legendary neighbouring island, our Goat Kings of Es Vedra are giant spirit animals which celebrate the memory of the wild goat population of this small rocky islet, which was eradicated in 2016. The only creatures ever to have inhabited the mystic and myth-steeped Es Vedra, our Goat Kings stand at the portal between what is known and understood, and what remains the Great Mystery.

The Goat Kings of Es Vedra are antlered, mighty creatures which also honour the paganism and folklore of their homeland – their elaborate costumes and embellishments are inspired by Ibizan ‘emprendada’ jewellrey, traditionally worn by women at folk dances on Ibiza, and punic in origin. Majestic and richly dressed, the Goat Kings are truly regal guardians of the land, and the secrets it contains.

If you are interested in the Goat Kings of Es Vedra adding their unearthly presence at your event, please contact us. For examples of bespoke performances we have made featuring the Goat Kings, see Performances. And to meet further members of the Eivissa Ancients Tribe, choose from the other ‘Giant Puppet’ sub-menu headings.


Image: Xavi Herrero / Juanjo Ribas 2018
Image: Xavi Herrero 2018