The Podencos

The Podencos are Ibiza’s distinctive and beloved ancient breed of hound – the ‘ca eivissenc’ in catalan – the elegant, long-eared animals whose spirit can never truly be tamed, and whose roots can be traced back along the Phoenician trading routes from Eivissa to Ancient Egypt.

Our tall and graceful Podenco puppets epitomise the animated and playful nature of Ibiza’s familiar hunting dog – whilst also transmitting the force of their mythic ancestor – the Egyptian god Anubis. Meeting these inquisitive creatures is a living encounter with the mystery at the heart of Eivissa’s island heritage.

If you are interested in the Podencos adding their wild and ancient nature to your event, please contact us. For examples of bespoke performances we have made featuring the Podencos, see Performances. And to meet further members of the Eivissa Ancients Tribe, choose from the other ‘Giant Puppet’ sub-menu headings.