What We Offer

:: W A L K A B O U T
T H E A T R E ::

Our Giant Puppets, the Eivissa Ancients Tribe, can be booked to perform as a ‘walkabout theatre’ act at festivals, weddings, parties and all kinds of cultural, corporate or private events.  Our tribe of intricately-crafted giant puppets, which includes the Goddess Tanit, brings to life the rich mythology, history and folklore of Ibiza, and the figures transmit the island’s ancient magic via their huge scale, presence and visual impact. Bring a sense of enchantment to your event or gathering, and allow adults and children alike to truly meet the spirit of Ibiza. Read our Introduction to the Tribe to learn more about the ancient Eivissan goddesses and creatures represented by our puppets, and to discuss a ‘walkabout theatre’ act for your event, please contact us.

:: P E R F O R M A N C E ::

We create unique, bespoke performances fusing giant puppetry, mask theatre, ritual, storytelling, narration and music. With our Eivissa Ancients Tribe puppets, masks and scenic art elements, we tell visual stories and perform arcane choreographies which seek to dive into the ancient heart of Ibiza. In 2020 we also developed The Giant of Es Vedrà, an exquisite puppet theatre performance based on a traditional Ibizan folktale, performed in English and suitable for family audiences from age 7yrs and upwards. Go to Performances to learn more about what we offer, and to see some of our past projects. To discuss a commissioned performance for your event, please contact us.

:: C O M M I S S I O N S ::

We can be commissioned to make giant puppets, masks, scenic art pieces, decor and sculpture for all kinds of public and private events. We consider all types of proposals and are happy to have a consultation with you about your idea. For more information, and to see detailed examples of our past projects, please see Commissions. To discuss a commission idea with us, please contact us.