Theatre of the Ancients weaves together puppetry, visual theatre and storytelling to  revive the mythic imagination within us all. Our aim is to foster live experiences of enchantment, connecting people to place – and the place where we do this is the island of Ibiza, in Spain.

We bring together diverse theatre arts, crafts and traditions to celebrate Ibiza’s incredible cultural heritage – one bearing Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman and Moorish traces.  We use traditional puppet-making and craft processes in combination with natural, reclaimed and recycled materials. Our creations are on a mission… to tell the forgotten stories of the land, and to reignite a love and respect for the folklore, mythology and ecology of place.

Theatre of the Ancients offers large scale puppetry, performance, commissions, walkabout theatre, storytelling and workshops. The company has worked with Ritual Ibiza, Woomoon, the Ibiza Cine Fest, Agroturismo Atzaro, Storytellers Ibiza, Priviledge nightclub and the Fiestas de Sant Joan. The Eivissa Ancients Tribe is the company´s growing clan of giant, ´cabezudo´style puppets including the Ibizan goddesses Tanit and Demeter, and the island´s famous podenco hounds.

For all enquiries: Hrubyjoanna@gmail.com

The Theatre of the Ancients blog is an ongoing exploration into the folklore, history, mythology and cultural underbelly of the island of Ibiza.