Seasonal Rites

Since December 2020, Theatre of the Ancients has started developing what we see as our most vital and exciting work. We are creating outdoor, site-specific, multi-sensory and participatory theatre events on Ibiza, inspired by the shifting seasons and the pagan wheel of the year. These performances are based on our indepth research into Ibiza’s folklore, myths and rural traditions, and they attempt to shape a year-round cycle of ritual storytelling celebrations, reconnecting the public with the raw landscapes of the island in a direct, visceral way.

Central to these new performance happenings is the inclusion of local, seasonal products from Ibizan farmers and food producers – in our latest midsummer event, Festival of the Sun, the public was given morsels of sourdough bread and ceremonial cups of beer produced from ‘blat xeixa’, Ibiza’s ancient wheat grain.

These performances are funded solely through ticket sales (which we strive to maintain at an affordable price, and which cover performer fees and event costs) and the support of our Patreon community (which enables company founder and artistic director Joanna Hruby to continue developing this work). In return for supporting us from 1€ a month, our patrons can access blogs which offer insights into the research and creative processes behind our projects, as well as receiving discounted tickets, and being able to attend exclusive patron-only workshops and events in relation to our performances:

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