The Walk of the Moon


The Walk of the Moon was company founder Joanna Hruby’s first ambitious ritual theatre happening on Ibiza – it was a multi-disciplinary, participatory and immersive performance event hosted by La Casita Verde in May, 2016. Participants took a ritualistic journey through the four phases of the moon, meeting elemental puppet characters and masked beings associated with each phase, as they undertook a quest to restore fertility to the goddess Tanit‘s mythical ‘tree of life’. The narrative and physical journey around the performance site culminated in a celebration featuring the giant goddess Tanit herself, featuring live music from London experimental folk duo Moth Rah. The participants toasted the completion of their voyage with local hierbas ibicencas liqueur, and ate homemade sweets concocted from local carob and almonds. The Walk of the Moon was a collaboration with artist Michaela Meadow, theatre director Philip Kingslan John, puppeteer Andres Orgalla, the band Moth Rah and many other Casita Verde volunteers. 

This performance later inspired Joanna Hruby to write an article for Dark Mountain, an online arts journal exploring the interplay between myths, storytelling and our modern environmental crisis.

All images: Gato Suarez @ 2016

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