Classic Puppetry

The Giant of Es Vedrà is an intricate, classic puppetry performance based on the popular Ibizan folk story of the same name. Created in 2019 and aimed at family audiences from the age of 7yrs and upwards, the theatre piece tells the story of two brothers, Joan and Toni, who are advised by a local Ibizan witch to undertake an adventure to the mysterious nearby rock of Es Vedrà, to find a healing sea plant to cure their father’s illness. In order to find the ‘fonoll mari’ that will save papa, Joan and Toni are forced to confront the giant of Es Vedrà himself, and their deepest fears.

The Giant of Es Vedrà features classic rod puppets, large scale puppetry, paper theatre elements and ‘crankie’ (scrolling panorama) sequence. It is performed in english and lasts approximately 40 minutes.

All images are by Enrique Villalonga Juan of Filmótica.